Highway Patrol: Migrant Workers

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Highway Patrol: Migrant Workers was the 15th episode of the 2nd season of this show.  It was one that showed the casting thoughts of the day, unfortunately.  The story centered around migrant workers who were the victims of a robbery right after they’d been paid.  What bothered me is that the all white migrant workers didn’t look migrant like at all.  It was very offputting from the get go.

What I did like was the way they had the lead character of Chief Dan Mathews (Broderick Crawford) respecting the migrant workers.  He got them back on their jobs right away and made the robbery a high priority.  I liked that equality quite a bit.

As was often the case with this show, the action scenes aren’t really that good.  They don’t tend to be choreographed well and in addition, it’s the way the scenes are written.  Characters make dumb moves and I don’t like the setups.  The character who gets killed in this show was senseless just in how it was staged.

On the whole, though, the show was entertaining.  Rayford Barnes is one of the best character bad guy actors from the 50’s and 60’s, and he does his usual convincing job in this show.


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