Traditional Weddings World's Strangest

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Weddings can be a beautiful and blissful moments that marked the union of two beings. Uniquely, marriages often take place with different customs.

In fact, not uncommon in the middle of happiness, the couple must go through the customary procession of bizarre and irrational. There are several wedding traditions that are considered the most bizarre in the world. Check out five of the following:
5. Kidnapping of the bride in Rome

Most of the wedding night was spent in a way but not with the customary romantic wedding in Rome. The groom is required to ‘kidnap’ bride. Culture is condensed on the gypsy life of the Romans. If a man had kidnapped a girl and hid for two-three days, he will officially become a wife.

4. Marrying an animal in India

India was familiar with a variety of superstitious stories, including in marriage. Santhal tribes in India believe, if a teething baby girl at the top of the gums first, it is a sign that he will be eaten by tigers in the near future. Therefore, he should marry a dog to remove the bad influence.

This story experienced by a child aged nine years, Karnamoni Handsa, who is married to a dog. This marriage was made festive and attended by 100 guests. After the wedding ceremony ‘exorcise’ finished the girl to marry a young man.

3. ‘Blackening’ of the bride in Scotland

There is a unique habit of customary marriages in Scotland. At the wedding, the couple ate the entrails of sheep and bridegroom wear similar skirts. Furthermore, groom, family and friends of the bride will be watered with raw eggs, dirty water, sauce and stale milk. Habits ‘blackening the bride’ is a very old marriage ritual performed after the pledge of marriage.

2. The bride must be fat

Unlike general standards of beauty, beautiful women in Mauritania is a large woman. If a woman would marry, they will be placed in a village called ‘fat camps’ to ‘remove’ wrinkles and more interesting.

Ritual ‘Leblouh’ in local language that would require girls married eat all kinds of foods for fat fast. Daily diet consisted of two kilograms of meat and five gallons of camel’s milk every day. If they vomit, supervisory officers would hurt them.

1. Brides prohibited shitting

Traditions in Borneo peninsula is no less strange. After the ritual of a happy marriage, couples requiring Tidung should delay removing large and small dirt for 72 hours or about three days and three nights. Thus, the bridal couple will be limited to eating and drinking, and supervised so as not to go to the toilet. If you undergo this ritual, the couple will undergo a happy marriage, blessed with a numerous and healthy children.


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