10 Most Popular Dog Breeds in The United States 2009

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Near the beginning of every year, the American Kennel Club announces what were the most popular dog breeds according to registration statistics. The numbers for 2010 have not been published as of yet, though they probably will be in the next week or so. Still, it might be a good time to take a look back at what were the 10 most popular dog breeds for 2009.

1.) Labrador Retriever: This fine animal has held the number one spot for 19 years now. Will it make it an even 20 years in 2010? According to AKC numbers, fewer cities report the Labrador retriever as the most popular of dog breeds, so we’ll have to wait and see if this breed remains at the top spot.

2.) German Shepherd: German Shepherds have been a popular dog breed in the U.S. going back more than 50 years, since the days of the popular Rin Tin Tin television show about a German Shepherd. This is also one of the more common working animals as they can often be spotted working with law enforcement and security forces.

3.) Yorkshire Terrier: This tiny breed has jumped in popularity over the last decade or so. Cute and bold, these little guys have only been around since the 19th Century when they were first bred into existence in Yorkshire, England.

4.) Golden Retriever: The Golden Retriever has long been popular in the United States, and its no wonder consider it is such an intelligent and friendly animal. They make great hunting animals, but also great family pets.

5.) Beagle: Beagles always seem popular, and why not? Sure, they can be stubborn and loud, but they are loving to family members and they are a great size, not too small and not too large, for many. The Beagle, or its ancestors, have been around for a long time, possibly all the way back to ancient Rome and Greece.

6.) Boxer: Like the Beagle, Boxers are no stranger to popularity. Again, this can be expected because Boxers are known to be good with children and though sometimes mistrustful of strangers, they are nearly always loyal members of any family. Early on a hunting dog, since the 19th Century the Boxer has become mainly a household pet.

7.) Bulldog: The Bulldog is another breed that has really become popular in the last decade, especially in California where it is the most popular breed. There are several different Bulldog breeds, including the English Bulldog, the American Bulldog, and the French Bulldog. This breed gets its name because in the 17th Century these dogs were often used to in sporting fights against bulls.

8.) Dachshund: The wiener dog has gone down a little in popularity over recent years, but it still ranks here in the top ten. This is one of the older breeds on this list, even older than the Beagle, with roots going back possibly to ancient Egypt. Though modern Dachshunds have been bred to have shorter legs than their ancestors, which were commonly used to hunt smaller game.

9.) Poodle: Are poodles ever not popular? Though not everyone’s favorite, they do seem to keep a spot in the public eye. And why not? They are easy to train and always read to please us humans. Sure, sometimes they are a little energetic and a little yippy, but some people love that in them.

10.) Shih TzuOften known as the “Lion Dog,” because it looks something like a lion in traditional Chinese art, this little dog is actually related to wolves. Some scientists date this dog breed going back as far as 10,000 years. Yikes! That’s an old dog breed.

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