Management Concept And Main Features of Management

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Management concept

Management is a conscious process management and coordination of actions and individual and group activities, and resource mobilization and allocation of the organization to accomplish its objectives in accordance with the mission, goals and its economic and social responsibility.

Main features of management:
– Leadership is a process of organized groups of people, but the term “drive” should not be confused with having to subordinate staff
– Concerns and focus on fulfilling the objectives of the organization by focusing the entire staff.

The role of managers:
-Achieving organizational objectives by working with and through people and using other resources of the organization (money, raw materials, machinery and equipment, information resources) that the production process is transformed into finished products (goods and services);
– Management of enterprises but is not simply about a process that takes place in all types of organizations.

By understanding the concept of a whole organization consisting of two or more persons carrying on activities in order to achieve a common goal.

The management understands that science is the study of management and management relations that arise within it, in order to discover, systematisation and generalization of concepts, principles, laws and rules that govern them, as well as designing new systems, methods , driving techniques and ways to contribute to the nature of activities undertaken to achieve efficiency

The main features of management science:
– Man stands in the center of its investigations, in all its complexity, as subject and object management
– Is a synthesis of economic discipline on the one hand because its mission is to increase economic efficiency and on the other hand it takes a series of science economic categories and methods of economics to other disciplines
– Has a multidisciplinary character, which is given by the integration or the concepts, categories and methods belonging to other disciplines.

Scientific management consists of the practical application of economic and social legalities, concepts and techniques provided by management science.

The main features of scientific management:
– The applied and concrete (operationalization in practice, in fact, daily work of managers)
– The creative – adapting scientific management tool in specific situations faced by
– Its diversity and heterogeneity – scientific management is particularly diverse in the sense that it varies from one company to another and within the organizational subdivision to another as a result of technical, economic, scientific, commercial, etc..
– “Human” – is expressed by human decisions and actions
– A fingerprint that can make or put staff on the content and how execution of achieving scientific management.

Factors interacting between science management and scientific management:
– Science has become a production factor
– Increase the level of training of participants in business life
– Proliferation of participatory management


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