Thinking About Homeschooling – Making a Balanced Decision

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If you have ever considered homeschooling for your child, you’ll know how deeply involved a subject it can be. Most parents think about homeschooling as an option because they are less than satisfied with the opportunities their child gets with a regular education. There is often a less than personal attention given to a child in an overcrowded public schooling system, and then there is the whole ritual of getting bullied and learning to deal with an inadequate curriculum. But then again, you need to wonder about homeschooling when you hear that when it comes time for college, a homeschooled child isn’t taken as seriously sometimes. There are all kinds of considerations to think about.

The best part in being homeschooled for a child, lies in how she receives adequate attention from her teacher, usually a parent or an older sibling. It’s well known how in a regular school, it’s the pupil that needs to keep up with the lesson, the lesson being something that progresses at a speed set by the teacher. In a homeschooling situation though, the lesson adapts to the needs of the pupil. It’s hardly possible in a regular school setting for the teacher to help every student – to stop and handhold a child through a difficult lesson when the other children in the class seem to get the point. Every class has a few students who fall behind as a result of this. This can never happen in a home school setting.

But of course, for all the advantages there are plain to see when you think about homeschooling for your child, do the advantages outweigh the negatives? To begin with, how natural can you expect a child’s upbringing to be when there isn’t enough regular socialization, save for playtime out on the street or in the park?  How does it affect a child not to have the competitive spirit pushing her to learn harder, to think better? How prepared will the parents be to teach a child all by themselves? If they are prepared to bring in teachers to teach a child though, the problem doesn’t affect things as much. In the end though, one does have to realize that come time for higher learning, homeschooling is rarely taken seriously by the admissions board at a college as a regular schooling is. The Ivy League is usually practically closed to a homeschooled child. Now that can hardly be fair, now can it?


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