Husband Beats, Wife Justifies

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When Kamala tied the knot with Suresh about five years back, she had her own dream about her future life. She dreamt to lead a decent life along with her husband. But as days went on, her dream collapsed and she had to face hard reality in her life as her husband and other family members started to torture her. They pressurize her to bring more dowries from her father. They poured kerosene and put fire on her as she failed to bring more dowries, and at last, she breathed her last in her own house with burn injuries.

She was born in Katthagal, a remote village in Karnataka, a southern state of India in a poor family and married Suresh, her close relative. But her life saw a tragedy end. This is not only the incidence of assault on women by her husband and her family members; instead we can see many instances of the same in different parts of India. India may have shown its growth in all fronts, and women folk may have contributing their own efforts in national growth. But violence against women in India is not seems to be coming down despite many efforts put forward by governments as well as women organizations. A recent figure released by the national family health survey justifies the above fact.

Family violence against women is rampant in India, and torture is the order of the day for many women in some families across the country. As survey states, over 40 per cent of women reported being beaten by their husbands at some point of time. Interesting fact is that many husbands didn’t find anything wrong with assaulting their wives. More shockingly, most of the women who were facing the wrath of their husband, and his family members were justified on one ground or the other in the guise of respect. Many a times the spousal violence has increased the risk of death among females.

In a gruesome incidents girl children were beaten up by their parents as they dislike them just because they were girl child. Even in the 21st century parents wants to have male child instead of a female one. According to an estimate more than 19 lakh girl children in the past two decades have been linked to domestic violence against their parents.

The disparity between a girl and a boy child still exists in many families at all levels. This is connected directly with the lower investment on girl child in areas like immunization, nutrition and care for major causes of infant and child death. The negligence against girl child is most likely in the families where women’s status is lowest, and where women are physically abused by husbands.


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