Is 14K Body Jewelry Good Enough to Keep Allegic Reactions Away?

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Does the idea of buying gold for that special someone this holiday season get your pulse racing? The yellow metal has a special way of getting even people who are otherwise immune to impulse buys, crave for it once they’ve laid eyes on it. There is a functional reason to wanting to pick 14k body jewelry over other non-natural materials too. Gold is nonreactive – which is the way you want to be if it’s going to go into the body. But why 14k body jewelry? Why not something that is less pure, and more affordable? Without a doubt, the higher the karat rating, the better it is for your body. There are people who experience allergic reactions when they try to get away with less than 14k.

The alloy they use in lower purities can cause reactive problems with the unhealed wound in your body a piercing causes. Most gold alloys are made with nickel as the additive, a metal that can easily cause allergic reactions if used in too high a concentration. The choices available in 14k body jewelry are widely varied ones. For instance, Body Candy sources navel rings with dangly charms, nose piercings and barbell packages. The best part is, these designs sell for under $50. Gold doesn’t have to be just the precious metal alone either. In items like body jewelry plugs and die nose rings, they extend to genuine diamond and emerald. All for under $50.

All of which while quite encouraging, raises the simple question – how do you know it’s really gold and not just cheap plating that will wear off in no time? There are ways in which you can achieve a certain level of satisfaction before the buy, that the material you’re paying gold prices for actually is really glittery for being gold.

Make sure that you buy from an online store that has an in-house quality program. One way to determine if they deal in the genuine article is to see if their sports designs have licensed sporting team affiliations. If they seem to just be ripping a sports team’s logo off, they probably are best stayed away from. Look for high-quality detailed workmanship. A design with rough edges or poorly finished detail is probably not the place to look for real gold.

In the end, it all depends on how sensitive thebody is. The more sensitive you believe the person you are buying for is are, the higher the purity of gold should look for to put it there.


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