Learning a Language Made Little Easier

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It is no mistake that English is an extremely valuable language to know.  You go to any country and and chances are someone will know enough in order to help you if you needed.  I am not a linguist by any means however, i have traveled constantly and have observed many, many ways to communicate.  The one main problem I have seen with people when they go to another country is that sometimes they expect the other person to know their native language.  I have heard many remarks that often times makes themselves look arrogant or stupid.  With that being said we need to take it upon ourselves to at least try to learn some of the language of the country in which we wish to travel or work in.  Here are some tips that may make life a little easier for you.

Know the simple greetings

When you go to another country and you attempt to speak to someone in their language it is very flattering.  Even if yuo do not say it correctlythey will at least have great appreciation for the attempt.  This is one of the first things that you should do.

Know the numbers, days and months

If you know the numbers it will help with money while you are at a store and in other places.  It is easy to understand the importance of this.  This will aso include the days of the week and the months.

Know and realize the objects you use most

We often times do not think about what we use in our everyday lives.  Rather the residual things that we use.  they can be as simple as soap, water, pen, pencil, paper.  Take the time to realize the things that you use while in a restaurant or bar and especially a hotel.

Know to get a dictionary or phrase book

Get a pocket dictionary and phrase book.  Go through the phrase book and learn the items that you know youare sure to use.  Carry the dictionary with you incase you get into a situation and the other person is having a hard time understanding you.  The dictionary that you get make sure it s one that goes into both languages.                 Example: ENGLISH-FRENCH/FRENCH-ENGLISH

Know the customs

Here is one aspect that we tend to over look.  Knowing the people in the country.  In each and evey country there is something special that stands out.  Take the time to know it.  When you do this you will be able to understand the people better.  Believe it or not you will pick up some words or sentences along the way.

Know that it is ok to make mistakes

Sometimes we just feel embarrassed when we say something incorrectly.  This plays a part in us to stop learning.  Don’t let this be the case.  If it is any help there was a time I was in Korea.  I asked the taxi driver to take me to the train station.  I got my words mixed up and next thing I know I was infront of the police station.  Hey, it is ok.  They know you are not from their country.  The main point is they will appreciate the effort and help you the best they can.


Get to know people personally from the country and try and make friends with them.  Nothing will help more than to actually live in the language you are learning.  The last thing is do not take the attitude of “they speak my language so it is ok if I don’t learn their language”. It is a two way street.  They make the effort.  Why shouldn’t you?


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