Where to Buy Cheap Baby Clothes

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Babies and children grow so quickly they go through many sizes of clothes in a very short period of time. It’s expensive to buy a full wardrobe every 3 months for a baby. They also don’t wear out their clothes by the time they move to the next size. Because of this, a cheap way to buy baby clothes is to buy them second hand. To reduce costs even more is to sell the clothes again when they are out grown. The total investment in clothes will go down tremendously.

CONSIGNMENT SHOPS. Look for the baby consignment and reseller shops in your area. These shops usually sell baby clothes by the season. Some stores specialize in higher end brand names, while others are more general. If there are several in your area, visit them all to see which has the styles and prices you like. Prices are set by the consignment store. Generally, these stores are best for clothing but have a limited supply of gear and toys.

CONSIGNMENT SALES. Look for large consignment sales. These are sales that happen once or twice a year. The consignment sale business rents out a big space, parents with stuff to sell bring it to the sale, the business takes care of setting it up and selling it, and the parents get money for their stuff. These are good for clothes and gear. Prices are set by the sellers not the business. Some amazing deals can be found.

MOTHER’S OF MULTIPLES GROUPS. Look for local mother’s of multiples groups and find their sales. These sales tend to be even bigger than the consignment sales put on by businesses. Families with multiples have a lot of stuff and they generally want it to move, so prices are low. The proceeds mostly go back to the member sellers with some of the proceeds helping to fund the club.

EBAY AND CRAIGSLIST. eBay and Craiglist are good online sources to look for clothes. If you need something very specific these are good places to start. However, if you want to do general shopping, the sales are usually better and cheaper.

GARAGE SALES. Garage Sales are the last obvious choice. These are much, much smaller, so it won’t be known if the person has clothes that you will really like. It also takes time to go to a lot of garage sales to find everything you would want or need. This is my last choice for looking for cheap baby clothes.

OUTLET MALLS. Outlet shops usually have sale racks and some amazing deals can be found. If there are outlet malls near you, this is another good place to find cheap baby clothes. In general though, these are not nearly as cheap as the consignment shops and sales.


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