Where to Find Cheap Maternity Clothes

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Friends. Ask all of your friends who have had babies that are about your size. Generally, people are willing to let you have or borrow their clothes. They may also know someone else who would be willing to let you borrow their clothes.

Retail Stores. Go the retail stores to find out what size you are in many different brands. This way you can generally know your size when shop at sales where you can’t try anything on.  Also, look for clearance racks in retail stores. You can get some really great deals there. 

Don’t only go to the specialty maternity stores.  Try discount stores like Old Navy, Kohl’s or Target for maternity clothes.

Consignment Sales and Stores: Find clothes that are second hand. Remember these clothes haven’t been worn for very long, so they are usually in good shape.

Look for local Mothers of Multiples sales and consignment sales. They almost always have maternity clothes. They are generally quite inexpensive. You have to guess your size because there’s no way to try them on, but generally cheap enough to roll the dice on whether or not it will look good on you.

It’s generally been noted that maternity clothes don’t sell well at these sales. I have a couple of theories on this – the first is the size and not being able to try it on, the second is that pregnant women don’t know about or think about these sales as options for buying clothes. The good news is, if you do know about it, then you’ll have lots of choices and not much competition for buying a particular item. The other good news is that sellers have to price low because no one is going to pay a lot for something they can’t try on.

Sometimes children’s consignment shops have maternity clothes. Not all of them carry maternity clothes, but it’s worth it to call them up and find out.

Craigslist. You can also look on Craigslist. Lots of people sell maternity clothes for a few dollars an item, or a bunch of items for one low price there.


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