Achieve Writing Success With Short Term And Long Term Goals

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All writers want to be successful. There is no sole way to achieve writing success. Every writer is free to choose his own path. However, some strategies are better known and more effective. One of the most common ways that many writers choose is setting short term and long term goals. Setting writing goals can be very helpful to a writer. It is a great aid in achieving writing success.

Advantages of setting writing goals

Appropriately chosen goals can provide writers with several advantages regardless of whether they are short term or long term goals. They provide writers with some tee to reach. As a result, writers are more motivated to write regularly. Another positive is that writers can measure their success more accurately. It is very simple. They are successful, if they reached their goals. This approach also means that writers are content with their results more often. They get used to that feeling and want to experience it as often as possible. It makes them happy. Desire to be happy is a great motivator for most writers. Also, positive thinking is a giant leap towards overall writing success.

Advantages of short term goals

Short term goals take less time to achieve than long term goals. They provide additional motivation to writers. The feelings of content after reaching them are usually not as strong as those experienced after reaching long term goals. However, it is still a great help to writers. It is easier to remain motivated when you feel successful every day rather than once a month. Also, short term goals usually serve as means to break up the long term goals into smaller bits. These are easier to achieve and motivate writers to work regularly. It is then much easier to achieve the long term goals and avoid the stress that many experience shortly before the deadline for reaching the long term goals.

Advantages of long term goals

On the other hand, long term goals provide long term motivation. They help writers measure their success over longer period of time. Reaching these goals will usually make writer even happier than reaching his short term goals. It helps him think positively and thus motivate him greatly to reach the new long term goals. These will often be more difficult to reach than previous ones. Desire to reach these goals on time will usually make writer work hard and pursue perfection. As a result, he is much more likely to have a successful writing career.

To conclude, short term and long term goals can help writers a lot in achieving writing success. Short term goals are usually set to aid writers in reaching their long term goals. Both types of goals provide much needed motivation. They can also serve as means to measure one’s success in his writing career.


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