The Real Trick in Handling Drunk People at Your Party

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Having drunk guests in the party can be a big hassle for the host. They can create mess in the house. Moreover, letting them leave the party can be a matter of worries because everyone knows that drunk driving causes accidents and even death. But the truth is that such problems can actually be taken care of by precautions. Here is what you must do:

Ice cubes in glasses: Yes, fill up the glasses with more ice cubes. This will instantly lessen the alcohol in them, tricking your guests not to get drunk.

Serve more snacks with alcohol: Offer your guests as much snacks as possible. Remember the more they will eat them, the lesser their bodies will absorb alcohol.

Take away the driver’s licenses from the drunken ones: Some people will take advantage of the free drink being served at your party. So there is a possibility that they will get drunk. To make sure that they do not do drunk driving, take away their driver’s licenses.

Feed them more carbohydrate filled foods: If you wish to sober them up offer them foods filled with carb. This will help them sober up.

Call up a taxi or give them ride: If they insist on going home either call up a taxi or give them ride in your car.

Tell them to sleep in your house for the time being: This is the last option to handle the drunken ones who cannot even walk properly. You need to make an effort to allow them to sleep at your house. 

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