Why Can't Yahoo Handle Spam Properly

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Yahoo! Mail is one of the oldest free web email services on Internet provided by Yahoo. Millions of people availing of Internet facilities for various purposes depend upon Yahoo! Mail for several needs of theirs. Emailing is just one of them. Even a few years ago Yahoo! Mail was one of the best or probably the best available option when it comes to emailing. It is certainly far from it now and it has presently downgraded itself to one of the worst available options as far as email services are concerned.

‘Spam’ is a word we are all wary of on Internet and take utmost precaution to save ourselves from its attack. But somehow it creeps in every now and then. Taking this grim reality into consideration most email service providers has now raised their level of alertness to fight Spam by several notches. This has helped to some degree with those email service providers who have clear strategies of fighting Spam.

Even a few years ago Yahoo was struggling to fight Spam and it was very much bothersome having to clear the mailboxes everyday of hordes of unwanted emails. Since the important emails one waits for used to be lost in the pile of rubble, so it was very much time consuming to search out for those. I’ve repeatedly expressed my dissatisfaction to Yahoo regarding this nuisance created either by contacting their support or attending their periodical surveys but nothing seemed to be moving from their side.

After all the other email service providers have taken the necessary steps to counter Spam for quite sometime and were doing it somewhat satisfactorily, suddenly Yahoo has woken up to this menace from their prolonged slumber! Now they are taking such measures that are not only hard to fathom but also disrupting the normal operations of emails.

The actions of Yahoo reminds me about some sections of the Indian Police Force who were told to lookout for some suspicious people by the secret services and they nabbed whoever they could lay their hands on in the name of security, raising serious doubts over their competence. Yahoo is almost doing the same acts in a virtual world. They now mark even important and legitimate emails from reputed sites as Spam and don’t even allow one to view the content of it unless the email has been added to the contacts, at times that even don’t work.

To add to these woes if I try to send a few invitational emails even to people I know they mark it as Spam for some unknown reasons and suspend email sending for 24 hours. Even for sending simple replies to somebody’s email they make it compulsory to type illegible Captcha Codes almost every time. No other email service provider causes such botheration it’s only Yahoo who does such utterly bizarre acts.

What is more troubling is that technical glitches with Yahoo accounts are now almost the order of the day. Whether I’m trying to open an email or going to inbox or a folder the page suddenly stops responding and a ‘Sorry for the Inconvenience’ Yellow information box appears. It happens almost everyday now.

They have also stacked up their site with hordes of flash ads, which not only causes botheration if rolled over accidentally but also causes the page to take some time in loading. I don’t think Yahoo cares slightly about their subscribers, particularly the free ones, as I think not only me but also many people would’ve expressed their dissatisfaction by now. Therefore I am slowly moving my email base to Gmail, Rediffmail and Hotmail. Gmail I believe is presently the best free web email service provider and it certainly handles Spam much better than Yahoo! Mail. Even Rediffmail and hotmail are not that bad either. I haven’t tried out the other available options so can’t really comment on them.

The email section of Yahoo is a fallen service that I’d like to throw away in the Garbage can soon!  


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