Set a Vision on Leading an Intentional Life

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If you want to lead an intentional life, you need to set a vision. Not only do you need to set a future vision, you need to talk about it with other people.  While just thinking about what you want your life to be in the future can help you, talking about it in a powerful way really sets you on the path to achieving that vision. It helps you become the person you always dreamed you could be


Think about your goals and what you want to achieve in a specific time period. Thinking six months ahead is a good place to start.

Tell people what your specific goals are that you have set. The key to this is to be positive and inspiring. Draw them into your vision. Use powerful words to describe your vision.

Use present-tense language as if it were actually six months from now. Describe what your life looks like. “I am…”

For example: I am the manager of the manufacturing division of my company. I built relationship with my employees by conversing with them and finding out what is important to them. They come to me with issues from the floor and we solve the problems before they become too big. Everyone thinks that I am a great boss and they want to work their hardest for me.


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