How To Save Money When Shopping

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The best way to save money when shopping is to make a list before you leave the home. Just keep a note pad and pen handy and keep adding to the list during the week as you notice that you need something.

The worst thing to do is leave it to memory, because you will just put the item in your baskets just in case you need it, if you had a list you would know.

Only buy items that are on your list,

  1. Unless you genuinely know that you need it.
  2. If there is an item on offer that your use a lot.

Shops are always trying to tamp you with offers, stay blinkered, only buy if it’s on your list or its what you use a lot of and it’s a really good offer.

Be sure that it is an offer, some 3×2 offers do not always work out cheaper and there’s no point buying 3 of something if it’s going to take you a year to use them.

Try some of the stores own brands, a lot of them are very good, they are definitely worth trying and they can save you a lot of money.

Don’t get hooked on brand names, they are not always better quality.

Take advantage of the stores promotions, collect their vouchers, points, stars or what ever they are offering, if there is a saving to be made, make the effort.

Look for shopping vouchers in newspapers and magazines, but remember only buy what you are going to use.

Never go food shopping on an empty stomach, if you are hungry you will put more unnecessary items in your basket.

try and go shopping when you have plenty of time, so as you can have a good look around and work out what are the best deals.

The above are all things you have probably read before, but you just need a refresher, they do work, start making your list now.


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