Learn to Be a Good Conversationalist

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When meeting new people in social situations, sometimes it is difficult to know what to talk about, especially if you are not a very extroverted person. There are techniques that can be learned to make yourself a good conversationalist. The key is to get the other person talking about what is interesting to them.

1. Be a good listener. Stop – Look – Listen.

The first step is to be a good listener. Pay attention to the person you are talking to. Stop what you are doing, look the person in the eye and really listen to what they are saying. Don’t just hear it, but listen and understand what is important to them.

2. Ask the “right” questions. Name – Residence – Work – Travel – Hobbies – Ideas.

These are all things to ask the other person about. People like to talk about where they live, what their family is like, what they do for a living, where they like to travel, hobbies they have and big ideas that they have for the future.

3. Show genuine interest. Who – What – Where – When – Why – How.

For the various topics above, use the 5 W’s of questions. These are easy things to remember and you can just keep asking about each activity to get details with these question words.

It’s not hard to carry on a conversation with a complete stranger if you remember these three tips and key action words.


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