Researching a Topic For Writing

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Whatever topic you wish to write about should usually be pre ceded by research. To be knowledgeable enough to write on an unfamiliar topic, you must consult the experts.

If your topic concerns something you do for a job or every day, then you probably are the expert. However, it never hurts to consult others with more expertise or knowledge in a different area of the topic.

Researching involves several procedures such as interviewing a person considered tops in this field. It may consist mainly of looking the topic up on the web. Checking several websites is always a good idea since everything on the internet is not correct and not complete. The amount of information you collect should always be on the ‘too much’ side rather than being too little. Of course, you can hit the library as online writers spend too much time as it is at home and online. Libraries will have tons of books, magazines and other periodicals you can check for facts and for additional information. The research librarian may also be able to guide you to other places you may have missed in your search.

When reading the books or online articles, take copious notes. You probably can use that research for additional articles of blogs, not just the one place you intended to use it. Immediately turn the thoughts into your own words so as not to accidentally be guilty of      . Make sure you take careful notes when quoting someone such as their full name, title and the date and place it was quoted from. Make citation information part of your gathering research and do it as you go, otherwise you will spend a great deal of time relocating that same material to add the facts. Remember to save URLs for the articles themselves or any other information that could be used eventually.

It will often pay you to print out online articles or photos for future use or immediately save them in a format you can use when ready. At the library, it is worth the few cents they charge to actually copy parts of articles, books, charts, and statistics in any format that may be used at a later date.

When researching for a timely article, always use the latest information you can find. That is a challenge sometimes as the articles and statistics could be several years old. You may need to visit the website of the organization that usually collects that data and contact the heads of those places to find the most recent statistics. Write everything down and do not rely upon your memory because it is very easy for numbers to get transposed and names miss spelt as a result of relying on the mind. 


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