Herbal Remedies For Hay Fever

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Hay fever is caused by allergies. The symptoms are typically watery eyes, sneezing, runny nose, coughing, itchy eyes, and irritated throat. It is important to boost your immune system in order to avoid hay fever or to get rid of it fast. There are some herbal remedies for hay fever that you can use and help yourself heal more quickly.

If you have a steamer for steam inhalation, use eucalyptus in your steam inhalation therapy. It is very helpful in getting rid of congestion you may have because of hay fever.

If you have inflammation in your nose and throat, use ginger. Ginger can get rid of any inflammation you have and it is also antimicrobal.

Nettle can be used as an expectorant. This can help if you are congested. If you want to get all the excess fluid and mucus out of your nose and throat, use nettle.

St. John’s wort are great for getting rid of a sinus headache. Those headaches are very painful, so take St. John’s wort in capsule form to get rid of it.

Rooibos tea is great for treating hay fever. It is a natural antihistamine and it can help get rid of most of the symptoms of hay fever.

Licorice root is a very good herbal remedy for hay fever. It can get rid of any inflammation you have and it is also and antiviral and antibacterial. Licorice root can help to speed up your healing time from hay fever.

Eyebright can help get rid of a wide range of hay fever symptoms. Ingest eyebright in capsule form to help get rid of your symptoms of hay fever.

Chamomile is great to use if you have hay fever. It can actually reduce the amount of time you sufffer with hay fever. It can make your hay fever last for only a short time.


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