Dipute Errors in Your Credit Report – Increase Your Score!

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Step 1

If you haven’t already requested a copy of your credit report, get to it! There are 3 major credit bureaus, TransUnion, Emperian, and Equifax, all of which, you can dispute errors with.

**It is possible for all three companies to have different items on your credit report.

Step 2

At the top left corner of your letter disputing an error in your credit report, include your full name and address. Just below your information, put the words “dispute resolution department”, include the name of the particular credit bureau you’re writing to along with their address.

Step 3

Write something along the lines of; I’m writing to dispute the following information, as circled on my credit report. Be sure to include a photo copy of the report, and make the appropriate circles. Number or letter them so it’s easier to follow.

Step 4

Continue along with your letter. “The item labeled 1, as reported by (insert name of the source) is inaccurate. I am asking for a complete deletion of this item.” Now you’ll need to state your case. Be sure to include copies of any evidence you have to support your case, like cashed checks from your bank. Make specific reference to your evidence, perhaps “I have enclosed a copy of a cashed check for your review.” Continue on, asking the company to investigate as soon as possible. When you’ve addressed all of the errors on your credit report, thank the reader for their time. Be sure to sign and date the letter.

Step 5

Federal law mandates that the issue be resolved in a timely manner, within 30 days. 


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