How to Get Lucky??

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      Luck is something that every person craves for, because without luck a person cannot do anything in this world. If a person does not have luck he cannot attain anything. Everything will just slip off right out of his hands. An unlucky person’s experience will be such that a gold coin is placed in front of him and when he goes to pick it up it dissappears. He gets the feeling that he cannot do or attain anything more in this world. But that is where he makes mistake. There are some suggestions that can make luck pave your way and i’m going to discuss some of those methods in this post.

  1.       First thing you should notice is Luck always comes if there is strong will power. A person who has will power can acheive things easily and there is no chance of anything going wrong. When he has that will power he never gets the feeling that the work he does can go wrong. Many people fail to identify that will power in them and so they feel that they don’t have any luck. This is one way how luck plays.

  2.       Luck mainly comes through positive thinking. We should notice a fact that when we do some work we have positive feeling towards it but even if there is slightest of negative feeling, then the negative feeling will overcome the positive feeling and so only negative things happen. Negative things have more power than positive things and our mind can easily accept negative things rather than accepting positive things. Negative feeling can easily overcome positive feeling but the reverse does not happen often. If we have a positive mentality towards things then our subconcious mind sends out positive rays which will make things happen in the right manner no matter what bad things happen in between. In this way we can develop luck by having a positive mentality.

  3.       Luck can also be sought in another manner. Many patients go the doctor even if they have the slightest of doubts on thier health, and many go to them if they have some serious problem. The doctor prescribes some medicine and tablets and the patient after consuming it recovers. Even if the doctor has prescribed some vitamin tablet and the patient not knowing that consumes it, he’ll get healed. This is because of the patients belief on the doctor. In the same way if a person considers some object to be lucky he can have that object along with him where ever he goes so that he can do the work successfully. For eg. a student writes his exam with the same pen everytime and he passes somehow eventhough he hasn’t done the exam well. He finds himself lucky but the fact is that his belief on the pen made him pass.


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