Eva Longoria Diet. ( Treats )

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A. Jelly and Ice-cream. 2 scoops of reduced-fat ice-cream with a bowl of sugar-free jelly.

B. Meringue dessert. 1 meringue nest with fruitsalad and 2tbsp of single cream.

C. Rice pudding. Half a can or 1 individual pot of low-fat rice pudding and topped with 1tsp of jam.

D. Biscuits. Only 3 Jaffa cakesor 3 custard creams or 2 chocolate digestives.

E. Banana custard. 1 small banana with low-fat custard.

F. Sweets.  6 marshmallows or 6 bonbons or 8 jelly babies or 15 jelly beans.

G. Chocolate treats. 1 small pot of chocolate mousse with 2 chocolate fingers biscuits.

H. Savoury snacks. 1 small bag of crisps or 12 tortilla chips.

I. Cheese on toast. 1 slice of wholemeal bread topped with low-fat cheese melted under the grill.

J. Alcohol. 1 large glass of red wine, 1 bottle of Coors light beer or 2 single spirits with calorie-free mixers.

Look out for my breakfast, lunch and dinner menus!There are only 150 calories in each of the above recipes and as you can see there are lots of tastey options to choose from. There is no need to deprive yourself when you are dieting, you can still have the odd treat and sensible dieting is the best way to do it.People who try to cut out all there treats have potential to fail when temptation kicks in, by following Eva Longoria’s diet you are garanteed to suceed. Aim to choose only one of the above options a day otherwise you will have just doubled your calorie intake.

Goodluck with your diets.



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