Eva Longoria Diet. (Dinner)

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A. Burger and chips. One small grilled burger in one small roll with tomato, lettuce and a little low-fat mayo along with a portion of ovenchips and salad.

B. Roast Chicken. Two chunky slices of skinless roast chicken with roast potatoes, veg and gravy.

C. Cottage pie. Make your ownor simply have a 400-calorie cottage pie ready meal with extra veg.

D. Sausage and mash. Two grilled low-fat sausages with mash potato and instant gravy.

E. Cheesy mushroom tagliatelle. Fry 1 onion and mushrooms in olive oil mix 150g of cooked tagliatalle, 2 slices of ham, low-fat soft cheese and herbs. Heat and serve.

F. Creamy pasta and salmon. 3tbsp reduced-fat crème fresh mixed with horse raddish,lemon juiceand black pepper. Stir through cooked whole-wheat pasta, cooked broccoli and half can of salmon. Serve hot or cold.

G.Veggie Fajitas. Fry a selection of veggies with olive oil and fajita seasoning until soft and brown. Serve with two tortillas and salsa sauce dip.

Look out for my breakfast, lunch and treats menu!

Who would have thought Burger and Chips! would be included in a diet programme? Even cottage pie,roast chicken dinners and sausage and mash doesn’t feel like much of a diet either. But thats exactly what we want and now we can! Sometimes it’s not what we eat it’s how much we eat.Try to maintain your portion control and STOP eating when you are full ( thats very important ) alot of us tend to overeat! Another tip is to try to cook as low fat as possible,Swap your fried chips and sausages for oven and grilled.The small changes make all the difference! also try to drink more water because it’s very filling. Drink a glass before or with your meal and you will find that you feel alot fuller for longer.

Goodluck with your dieting!


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