Humor: Advantages of a Recession

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Times are hard during a recession. This article is one I wrote for a contest, if I’m not mistaken. It asks writers to write a humorous article about the advantages of a recession.

During a recession people in today’s society will be able to say no a lot easier to those adventurous friends of theirs. You know the ones who are always asking you to spend your money at the Casino Queen.

Going through a recession means you can’t lend your borrowing friends any money. You may want to lend them money, if you had any. Now! You really don’t. You wouldn’t be lying when you tell them to find some other Joe to give them some cold hard cash.

Money problems are common and need our attention when a recession is upon us. People in this predicament don’t need their friends to act like nothing has changed. They need their friends to be a friend, and not ask to borrow any money, when a recession has made their pocket books something to fear. Friends maybe able to borrow a lump of sugar or two, when their cow leaves them a drop of milk or two. This could make a cow turn blue if all it could do is leave a drop or two.

Recession make a person turn humble. A humble person doesn’t have to act smart when a recession stays close in sight. A person can start talking about money, and act like their last penny, must have fell through their holes in their pants. This could help a friend decide to pay for them to go to their next dance.

Common people, common solutions, are looking back at them, through out their looking glass, just waiting for a smile to return, even it’s just once in awhile. They may not want to look too long through their looking glass; they might feel like their slipping into a trance.

People in a recession can learn to like to watch their favorite oldies shows, far they sure can’t afford to set in movie theater rows. They have to count every penny that their piggy bank holds; far now their pennies seem much like gold.

A family going through a recession can’t buy their children a fancy play gym outdoors. They have to find shiny wood, and a strong piece of rope. Now! This is the home made version of a jungle gym that you know George of the Jungle must have played in.

Going out to eat while in a recession, maybe like taking a picnic basket and eating on your living room floor. You can’t afford gas to drive to the park. You start by thanking God for that peanut butter jar. Good times can be a simple affair. Just be thankful you still have a television screen. Watch and watch your favorite television comedians, just don’t watch too long, far your electricity bill will not be singing you a song.

A recession can help build more than just your character, It can help you learn to take smaller bites far you’ll never know when you’ll see your next meal in sight. This helps you grow as an individual. You now know your life has found its meaning. It’s about learning not to become a couch potato for more than twenty four hours. It’s about how a holey pocket and a homemade gym are not bought from a Casino rich man’s pocket book. It’s about learning to survive with as little as possible. Learning to value each food crumb you find may turn out to be as important as a wine-o who finds one more drop of wine.

People living in a recession have an advantage over others who haven’t. They know what it’s like, they don’t.


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