How to Make More Money Writing on 3 Tricks You Must Learn

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Do you want to learn how to make more money writing on Are you already a member of, or do you want to become one soon? If you are a member, you can make money when you submit original articles to the website. The followings are 3 tricks you must learn before writing articles on These tips can help you gain more views to your hubs and increase your earnings on it.

1.    Tags. Always tag your articles with appropriate and correct tag words. You should put some thought into the choice of tags. Not everyone will search for your articles based on the obvious keywords. Properly tagging your article with a variety of keywords will ensure that your website is accessible via many keywords when visitors search for your content on search engines.

2.    Ping search engines. Pinging search engines means to inform them that your web site has been recently updated. This will prompt search engines to send their web crawlers to crawl and index your web site again. This way, your new articles will become available to search engine users who are searching for your new content.

3.    Build backlinks. In order to attract more visitors to your hubs, you need to link to your hubs from other web sites. This has two effects. Firstly, visitors to other sites may click on your links and be directed to your new hubs. Secondly, search engines rank your pages based on the number and authority of the backlinks to your web page. With more backlinks, your pages will rank higher and more people will visit your pages, thereby giving you more revenue.

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