Buck Rogers in The 25Th Century: Awakening

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Buck Rogers in the 25th Century: Awakening is actually the theatrical movie that was released in early 1979.  It was an unusual move, but the movie had a national run and then led to the TV series a few months later.  What’s really fun to watch is the opening credits with the vocals of the alluring song.  It’s really different and makes you wonder what this movie was really going to be about.

Gil Gerard stars as Captain William “Buck” Rogers, a 20th century astronaut who encounters problems in flight and ends up in the 25th century.  He’s got swagger to go along with his brawn, which is what makes him intriguing.  At first, he thinks he’s just dreaming, but then he discovers the truth and begins the adjustment to a new life.

We also meet all of the other key players in the series, such as Erin Gray who is really the love interest for Buck, but it’s one of those undercurrent type of relationships.  She plays Colonel Wilma Deering, an ace pilot of Earth’s fleet.  Then there is Pamela Hensley as Princess Ardala.  She is also interested in Buck.  There’s actually a nifty dance sequence where Buck teaches her to ‘get down’ as in dance.  It really wasn’t very wild or provocative, but from the stares, you’d think it was.  Wilma and Ardala are like the good and the evil, and Buck is oftentimes in the middle.

My favorite character in this TV series is Twiki.  He’s played by Felix Silla, and he’s as cute as a silver button.  When he dances, it’s so funny.  Twiki ends up being Buck’s best buddy I think, and they make a great pair.

There’s a lot of action in this movie, but there’s humor, too.  It works.


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