Sea Hunt: Nerve Gas

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Sea Hunt: Nerve Gas is a second season entry that had me curious simply because of the guest stars.  This 15th episode of the season featured Leonard Nimoy as Jerry Wiley, Lisa Gaye as his wife, Louise, and Anthony George as Stan Graham, a diving associate of the series’ hero, Mike Nelson (Lloyd Bridges).

The show begins with Jerry making a big discovery below the water’s service, but then going out of his mind shortly after surfacing.  Nelson and Graham are requested to help out.  Much of the opening is then Nelson’s attempt to keep Jerry alive, including doing CPR.

The CPR actually causes Mike to become violent, forcing Stan to knock him out.  So the first ten minutes really has a lot of drama and intensity to it.  I was definitely hooked.

The next little bit turns suspenseful as Stan and a doctor go underwater to check out the doctor’s theory about what is happening.  What they find is deathly sad and disheartening.  The music tells the story here since the Nelson character isn’t around to do the narration that often provides the exposition for the show.

The final third of the show has Nelson exploring the ocean to try to get the nerve gas product that is responsible for his outburst and all of the other strangeness that occurred.

On the whole, the drama is good, and I love watching the action underwater.


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