Active How to Use The Amazon Kindle For Email

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The amazing Amazon Kindle is the top seller portable e-book reader nowadays. Thousands of e-books are available to you anytime, anyplace. But the Kindle is more than just reading e-books. Its built-in Wi-Fi enables its users to browse the internet to check and respond to their emails. Using the Amazon Kindle for email is easy and demands no technical knowledge.

In particular:

1. Creating a Kindle Email Address

Amazon provides its customers with a personal Kindle email address. It is mostly used to enable communication between the two parties and allow free and fast promotion of special offers and discounts, latest releases and best-seller e-books. To create your personal Kindle email address visit the ‘Manage Your Kindle’ section of the official Amazon site. If you have not already registered your Kindle, you will prompt to do so by entering the unique 16-digit serial number of your device. Once you do so, you will be able to browse your device’s personal info such as your Kindle’s name, warranty and email address.

To modify your Kindle email, click on the ‘Edit Info’ tab. Enter the word you wish to use for your Kindle email address and then click on the ‘update information’ box. Make sure that all changes have taken effect by visiting ‘Your Kindle’ information section.

2. Managing an External Email Address

You can use your Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail or any other carrier’s email address to your Kindle. To do so, turn on your device and visit the main homepage. Click on ‘Menu’ and then ‘Experimental’ to launch the web browser. Visit your carrier’s mobile web page and click ‘Submit’. Type your email address and personal password and you are ready to go! Read and respond to your emails straight from your Kindle!

3. Sending Files via an Email Address

You can use your email address or addresses to transfer documents, photos and e-books to your Kindle. However, you first need to verify your email address. To do so, visit again the ‘Manage Your Kindle’ section and click on the ‘Your Kindle Approved E-mail List’ tab. Type your personal email address and click on ‘Add Address’. If you have more than one, then click again on ‘Add Address’. Do not forget to save your new settings!

Transferring files to your device is identical as sending a file through email from your pc. Enter your Kindle or other email address and click on ‘Attach a File’. It is highly suggested to avoid attaching large size files as they may fail to be delivered.

Important note: sending a file to your Kindle costs $0.15 for US customers and $0.99 for worldwide customers.

4. Checking Transfer Status

The ‘Manage Your Kindle’ section is your best friend when using your Kindle. Check the transfer status by clicking on the ‘Delivery Status’ tab. All current transfers will be displayed informing you of the remaining delivery time.


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