Become an Accountant – Enter a Rapidly Growing Sector

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Accountants are always in high demand. This is especially true now with tax systems becoming ever more complex. The complexity of the tax system deters individuals and small businesses from doing their own annual accounts. Many fear that they will file their records incorrectly and will be penalised at a future date with an unexpected large tax bill, while larger businesses have to watch their cash flow more keenly due to the economic slowdown and tougher trading conditions. As such now is a great time to undertake suitable training and become an accountant.

Accountant training varies between countries and sometimes even between different regions within a country. To start on an accountant training course you will first need some basic qualifications from school. Ideally you will have good grades in English and Science and an exceptional grade in Maths. Maths is an integral part of a job in accountancy. Once enrolled you will begin your studies which can last up to three years. Even when you have qualified from your course you will continually have to update your knowledge to keep in touch with changes to the tax code.

Once qualified you are free to apply for accountant jobs. You have several options available to you.  You could apply to work for an accountancy practice who specialise in bookkeeping services and accountancy or alternatively you could apply for a position within a large business. Large businesses usually have their own in house accountant. Many also have Finance Director. The finance director takes care of all aspects of financial planning and strategy for the way ahead. One other option available to you once qualified is to establish your own personal accountancy service taking on your own clientele. However this option is usually more suited to those who have a great deal of experience within the sector. As a self-employed accountant you will not have anyone who can help guide you on difficult tax matters, whereas when you work in a practice you will, more often than not be working within a large group of fellow accountants of all experience levels.

So, if you have a good understanding of Maths and wish to enter a highly lucrative profession enrolling on an accountancy training course is your next step.

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