The Greatest American Hero: It's Only Rock And Roll

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The Greatest American Hero: It’s Only Rock and Roll aired in the latter part of the show’s last season.

The opening is amusing because it has a bunch of FBI agents learning a new phone system.  This is so easy to imagine.  I’ve been there, back in the day when the new fancy office systems first came out.  Robert Culp did a terrific job in this scene as Agent Bill Maxwell.  It was a hoot.

Meanwhile, Ralph and Pam Hinkley (William Katt and Connie Sellecca) are dealing with their neighbors who aren’t happy with the couple putting their trash cans out too early nor with the noise.  Perfect timing, of course, has Bill screeching the tires as he speeds into the driveway and calls out for Ralph to assist with a case.  It made for such a fun beginning.  Lesley Woods was one of the neighbors.  I consider her to be somewhat of a character actress.  I’ve seen her in many things and always enjoy her work.

This is the last episode that includes any of the high school students.  Unfortunately, none of them are the regulars from the first two seasons.

The primary guest star is Judson Scott who plays a musician in jeopardy and who needs the protection and assistance of Ralph and Bill.  There’s a neat interaction between Dak (Scott) and Bill over what’s wrong with modern music.

Overall, the show was entertaining.


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