Methods For Learning How to Dance For Your Wedding

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You’re engaged, Congratulations! As you think about your day, you’ll need to decide on many things about the reception. One of those is if you will do a first dance as husband and wife. If you are going to do a first dance, do you want to just sway back and forth or do you want to learn a dance specific for this day and this dance? Many couples are now choosing to learn a dance.

If you’ve never danced formally before, this can be intimidating. Taking lessons is a great way to learn to dance.

The first thing you should do is communicate with your fiancee on what you want to do with your first dance. You’ll be in the spotlight regardless of the type of dance you’re going to do, so you may want to try something interesting. At the end of the day, after you’ve learned a little bit about dancing, you can always go back to swaying if you’re not comfortable.

There are several different methods to learn how to dance. Two involve instructors and one involves video. Decide with your partner if you want to do a full choreographed dance or if you want to learn some basic steps and be more free flowing.

Consider other dances you might be doing during your reception. Will you dance with a parent for the Father-Daughter or Mother-Son dances? If so, and they want to do a more formal dance, then all parties will want to take lessons. You will also want to learn the basics of each dance you will do in case you don’t have time to practice with your parent before the ceremony.

Consider taking private dance lessons. There are people who specialize in wedding dances. Some will come to your home to teach you, others will be in a studio. In a private lesson, your instructor can help you learn the right dance for the song(s) you want to dance to. They can also help you choose a song if you have a particular dance in mind. You will get personalized instruction and they will help you put together a great dance.

Taking private lessons is the easiest way to put together a fully choreographed dance. Your instructor can help you set all of your moves to the music. They can also teach you at your pace, which is a great advantage.

The disadvantage of taking lessons privately is that you will only dance with your partner. You may come to rely on certain cues that are unique to them. It is also the most expensive way to learn to dance.

Another less expensive way to learn to dance is to take a group class. Many dance studios and community centers take group classes. Often a dance studio will teach your entire wedding party in a group class, which can be a lot of fun.

Your instructor will teach you a variety of dances in a group class. You will be able to dance with many different partners, so you can learn the basics and also how to adapt to different people. They may help you with song selection, but it is a group class and they may not have time. Group classes are less expensive than private classes.

The disadvantage to a group class is that you will not get a lot of personalized attention from the instructor. They will also not have the time to teach you a choreographed dance. But, you will learn the basics of several dances which can help you in your choice of songs.

If you’re not keen on learning from an in-person instructor, or if money is a real issue, finding a dance class on a DVD is an affordable option. The instructors lay out the basic steps on the DVD and you can learn and practice in the comfort of your own home. The advantages are that you learn the basic steps at a very affordable prices.

The disadvantage to learning from a DVD is that no one is there to correct your mistakes or your form. You won’t be able to ask the instructor questions. However, there are many good DVD’s out there to help you learn how to dance, so it is a good option.


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