How You Can Sell Your Damaged Car?

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It is really difficult to sell a damaged car, the reason being many people don’t trust damaged car sellers as many times they don’t communicate about the real condition of car. Many sellers hide some defects of damaged car from the buyer and later on that creates big legal problems.

However there is a solution for this problem too. Follow below steps to get good money by selling your damaged car.

Find the estimate:

The very first step is getting correct estimate of defects on your car. That is perfect assessment of your car. By getting the estimate amount you will come to know how much it will cost for repairing work. Also if there is much damage and the cost of repairing is much more than the cost of car itself, you have to lower your price to sell it. Also you need to do some negotiation too so get ready for it.

Contact junk yard:

Junk yards are best option when your vehicle is not in a repairable condition. So if you think that damage is more and needs lots of repairing, better go for junk yard. Such Junk yards and scrap yards just buy those vehicles which are not repairable.

This way you can get some good deal if the metal of car is still ok and not damaged much.

List and Pictures:

If you think that your car is repairable then first make the list of all repairing work needed. What are the car parts that you will need for repairing? Also if possible take some photos of those parts. If you can handle some small repairing work on your own go for it.

Price of Car:

Now decide the price considering repairing cost too. Once you decide the price, put the “for sale” sign on the car with your contact number so that potential buyers can contact you directly.

Put the Ad on popular classified sites:

Many people nowadays go to online classified websites and buy stuff from there. So place your ad in sites like craigslist and other classified site in your area. Also you can give ad in your local news paper too (ofcourse if your budget permits).

Contact websites that purchase damage cars:

This is the best thing that you can do to sell your damaged car quickly with good money too. There are many companies who buy damaged car in repairable condition and non-repairable condition both.  Ask for the quote from those companies and if you find all well then sell your car to damaged car Purchase Company.


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