The Greatest American Hero: Thirty Seconds Over Little Tokyo

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The Greatest American Hero: Thirty Seconds Over Little Tokyo, which is the 9th show of the 3rd and final season of this series, educator Ralph Hinkley (William Katt) is going for tenure, which was a big deal.

I found myself really disliking the fact that Ralph’s pal and FBI agent Bill Maxwell (Robert Culp) didn’t seem to care or realize the importance of Ralph getting tenure.  For some reason, it just felt callous the way Bill treated the issue and talked about it. Perhaps it’s because I have first hand knowledge of tenure and what it means that I feel more impacted by this than other viewers, but it really does rub me the wrong way.

On a lighter note, one thing that stood out to me is how poorly star William Katt did the ‘fake’ driving.  The way he jerked the steering wheel right and left was ridiculous.  We actually see more of Robert Culp driving, and he does a sensational job as a rule of making the driving realistic.

This show also gives us a bit of normal home life in that Pam (Connie Sellecca) sets Bill up with fellow attorney, Dotty Parker (Christine Belford), and he’s enamored.

There’s another more lighthearted element to the hour when a Japanese man saved by Ralph decides that he has to repay Ralph.  He does this by moving in to the Hinkley home and taking over everything.  He does all kinds of things, like ‘carving’ Pam’s lilac bush into an elephant and moving her pans around in the kitchen.

I actually liked this more than the dramatic portion of the story, which I just couldn’t get into for some reason.  Ninjas aren’t my style.  However, I did like seeing guest star Soon-Tek Oh who is one terrific actor and is always fascinating to watch.


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