The Greatest American Hero: Space Ranger

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The Greatest American Hero: Space Ranger is the 8th episode of the third season.  We get this neat little segment with the newly married Hinkleys just getting started at the beginning of the day.  It’s almost over sweet in how it’s done, but I still like it.

This is really the first show that tries to have a classroom scene at the high school.  While a couple of the kids are the same, the others are new.  I miss Michael Pare and Faye Grant who were in the first two seasons but not in this last one, though Pare did return for the wedding episode.  It’s just the new kids feel like repeats of the ones that Pare and Grant developed.  It turns me off.

Joe Santos appears in this episode as Henry Fetchner, a CIA operative who gets leads from an unknown source known as Space Ranger.  It sounds very cloak and dagger in a campy sort of way, and in fact, it is.  Santos is a decent performer so he makes the role as credible as it can be.

Kene Holliday is along for the ride as another CIA agent named Ballentine.  He does okay.

Douglas Warhit guest starred as Allen Smith, genius in the class that the students want to use for the science fair so they can win and go to Hawaii.  He has a few secrets, though, which come out as the episode progresses.  Frankly, I wasn’t fond of the portrayal of this character.  It just didn’t touch me in any way.

I didn’t like the way the students at the science fair were portrayed, either.  It was too cartoonish, with stereotyping all over the place.


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