The Greatest American Hero: Good Samaritan

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The Greatest American Hero: Good Samaritan, the 19th show of the second season, starred William Katt as high school teacher Ralph Hinkley who is also a superhero, thanks to an alien suit given to him from some outer space types.

The show also stars Robert Culp as FBI agent Bill Maxwell.  He did something that was a little unusual and curious in this show.  At one point, he went into Ralph’s kitchen and emerged with a box of dog treats.  Okay, since when does Ralph have a dog?  We haven’t even seen his son Kevin this season, though his picture is still on the wall, but the dog bit is entirely new.

The other regular cast member is Connie Sellecca, who plays an attorney named Pam Davidson,  One odd thing I keep noticing about her for some reason is her super shiny hair.  Just about every scene I felt like she should be in a shampoo commercial.  Really, it is so shiny and bouncy.  I don’t think I’ve ever thought that about an actress before.

The main crux of the show has Ralph, Bill, and Pam getting into a debate over good Samaritans and the feeling it gives a person to do something good.  The debate turns into a challenge that lasts for much of the hour and could start discussions by viewers at home.

One of the guest stars is Carmen Argenziano.  He appears as Murph, one of the bank robbers.  I keep seeing him as a Tok’ra from Stargate SG-1, though.  There’s also Dennis Lipscomb     as an arsonist who gets the credit for saving a gal from a fire.  He’s a big part of the ongoing debate between Ralph and Bill.

Bill Quinn plays Harlan Blackford.  He’s Bill’s first partner and he’s blind. We’ve seen him in a prior episode.  He doesn’t have a big part, but I love anything that is good for continuity, so I really liked this appearance.

The primary guest star was Keenan Wynn as Ira Hagert.  He faces off against SWAT and then thinks he’s losing his mind after seeing Ralph in the space suit.  His story is very real, and Wynn is a marvelous actor who could make any plot work for him.


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