The Greatest American Hero: Live at Eleven

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From season 3, The Greatest American Hero: Live at Eleven was a well acted episode, considering that veteran performer William Windom had a prime guest starring role.  In this case, he plays a news anchor and commentator who is retiring after 30 years and is expected to run for the presidency of the United States.

One of the stories Henry Williams (Windom) is following is plutonium related, which adds to the drama when Ralph stops some plutonium from being stolen.  In the process, though, he is exposed to the dangerous substance and ends up getting a new ability, that of being able to alter how people think or what they say.  It’s a short term thing, though.

There is an amusing scene where Ralph plays a game with new wife, Pam, and gets her to cook for him, clean for him, and other things she wouldn’t normally do.  Pam realizes it and keeps arguing for him to stop, but then he uses the power to get her to back off.  As I said, it is amusing, but I also think it went a bit too far.  The scene could have been shortened by at least 30 seconds and still be successful.

I do like the chemistry between William Katt and Connie Sellecca as Ralph and Pam.  They have a nice balance with each other, and it’s a nice, very believable relationship.

The ending is solid, and it’s a good outing for this series.


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