Blah, Blah, Blah: I'm Not Listening

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In an episode of “What Would You Do” three actors posed as bicycle thieves. On separate occasions each assailant – one being an attractive woman – attempted to steal a bicycle chained to a pole in a New York City park.“What Would You Do” is the ABC hidden camera reality television show that captures how unsuspecting citizens react when confronted with an exigent predicament. With the exception of one gentleman named Reginald (Wow – he had to be my namesake), the reactions of pedestrians who witness the brazen, but staged, events are not important.

Brace yourself as I discuss the exploits of Reginald.

As the woman assailant attempted to displace the locked bike by severing the chain with a saw, Reginald anxiously sprung into action. His attempt to provide assistance to the damsel in distress was met by his wife’s urging that the police be notified. The more Reginald’s wife implored him to discontinue his act of chivalry, the more he ignored her plead. Reginald’s intuition gave him notice that the woman was committing an act of larceny, but he ignored that warning as well.

As I watched I couldn’t help but think ‘dude you have bumped your everlasting head!’ The incident caused me to take pause as it reminded me of Pontius Pilate, the Roman governor whose wife warn him not to participate in the criminal activities of crucifying Jesus.

Just like Reginald and Pontius, far too often too many husbands choose to ignore the voices of their wives. Now I must admit there are times when it’s difficult to listen to my wife; and I often have husbands complain about wives who nag. But as husbands we must know and understand that by God’s word our wives have been placed in our lives to be a “comparable helpmeet.” This means that we have a responsibility to listen, with purpose and intent, to our wives. More often than not our wives have only our best interest at heart. And just think, how you would feel if your wife just ignored you!

Let’s get back to Reginald.

When Reginald learned he was a part of an undercover scheme it was apparent that he wanted to crawl under a pregnant ant. I’m also certain that the dialogue that surly took place between he and his wife later that afternoon was filled with strife that was avoidable; if he would have just listened!

Brethren, there are times when it is appropriate to ignore the voice of your wife and that’s when you’ve already had a conversation with God about the situation. But while I advise you to ignore your wife only in those situations, I also remember that you share with your wife that conversation you had with God – after all you are “one flesh.” Remember Adam had a conversation with God, but chose to listen to the voice of Eve.

Husbands listen, don’t just hear your wives.


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