Luck Or What?

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            I know this guy. His name is  Robert , he is about 5”7 and 300lbs with a  pot belly. He has gray thin hair and he is always eating. When Robert gets on the bus, he carries a bag of food with him. Even if the establishment says no personal food. He finds a way to get it in. He eats on the bus, and he eats again once he gets to where he is going. He wears allot of button up shirts that do not always cover his large belly, and you can see it peeking out of his pants.

            I saw Robert this week, and he was down in the dumps, because he was losing at the casino. I felt his pain, because a third of the time I never had money to go. Only a couple of the casino buses were free as of 2011. They got tired of the homeless people getting on the bus, so they started charging. People would go on the bus, and gamble the free $10 the casino gave them and try flipping the money. ( Double the money for those that don’t know what that involves)

            Once they made their little bit of money they would stop gambling. Well, with the recession and everything the casino started feeling it, and the poor folks going to the casino started feeling it , because they started charging for the buses.

I told Robert the story about my new totem I found on the road while I was walking.  I had some free gambling money at one of the casino. So I took the city bus there, but didn’t have enough money to get back, so I started to walk back. It was a four-mile walk through a winding road, with a narrow yellow strip separating the side of the road from the traffic. I followed it. Marker 30 I noticed, and then marker 31. I realized it was a marker for the distance traveled on that road.  This was my first time making this walk. I like walking but was starting to feel sharp tendon pains in my knees as I walked.

            On more than one occasion I found money on the ground. People walking to the market, riding bicycles, or running were often careless. I found a dollar blowing in the wind as I stood outside the market observing the traffic going by. The week before I was hugging the curve, and gazing into the bushes on my left, and up against the fence was a folded five-dollar bill. I turned and walked a couple of step more, but decided to turn around and look again. I found a few more bills. People are always dropping money, and I am always looking down. I found two silver bracelets one week on that same walk, and a week later I found  four more matching bracelets. Some people call this luck.

            When I find money I think of it as a gift from god, the angels, and the universe. It was met for me to find. It reminds of a book called the secret. I liked the CD so much I recorded it on my MP3 player, and listened to it every night. I even listen to it when I was out and about.

What is the secret? It was written by a person and a group of people who believed that if you want something all you had to do was ask the universe. Some people ask god. The secret believed in the law of Attraction. What you seek you will receive . You never know when or how but the universe would provide you what it is you wanted or needed. So, I was constantly asking the universe for some money because I was broke, and occasionally out of nowhere it came.  Thank god!!

Well one particular day last week I was making the walk, because did not have the bus fare. I did my normal routine, which is to watch the ground. Around marker 32, I passed a long deceased fox. The only thing left was a  little skeleton, and his tail. It was hot so I continue around him, but hesitated and went back. I looked down, thinking  about the lucky rabbit foot, but  I wasn’t going to be able to get this foot off of the fox. I looked at his tail, and that is when I noticed; a shinny penny face up.

Me being who I am was a little superstitious and took that as a sign. Many people feel that a penny face up is good luck, and for me any penny was good luck. I grabbed the penny, and searched around for something to pick up the foxtail, because I wasn’t going to leave that behind.  I tore the foxtail off the skeleton and wrapped it in plastic, and stuck it between the books I was carrying. I usually always had a book or newspaper in my hand. 

I was somewhere between marker 32 and 33, when, a young Indian girl drove by and offered me a ride, I jumped in and she dropped me off.  I washed my find, but the hair started falling off so I ended up with only about two inches of foxtail, which I wrapped in paper towel to keep it from further deterioration. I carried the foxtail in my purse, and I believed my luck changed that day.

I told Robert the story of the “road kill”, and the fox tail. He laughed and had a funny look in his eye. A few people thought I was crazy, but I wasn’t bother by that because its my luck not theirs. I took the fox tail and rubbed it against Robert for luck, and told him his luck was going to change tomorrow. He told me he was going to ride the metro but did not have the $8.50 to ride, and the fine was stupendous. Once a week the casino put $15 extra on his account to gamble.

I  decided to carry this foxtail around for a bit. Now don’t laugh. I have seen purple looking voodoo dolls with their hair standing on ends ..sitting on top of slot machines, I have seen a guy bring a rag and wipe the screen and machine down on every machine he touches, I have seen jade elephants hanging from people necks, I have seen busted screens from people hitting them. I have seen some pretty weird totems, and I don’t think my foxtail is all that strange. Just the story behind it.

I  am going to check in with Robert this week, and see if his luck changed and let you know.

Rebecca P.


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