Winter Home Decor

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Decorating for the winter season can actually be a lot of fun. There are different types of winter home decor to choose from. This can include winter candles, snowglobes, and wall decal stickers. Light a candle that makes a relaxing crackling fire sound or keep the house warm with a snowman breeze blocker! The winter decorations for your home are adorable and will bring a little winter into your home in a fun way!

Winter decorations for the home can be found in stores that sell seasonal decorations, home decorations, and online shopping websites. The prices and styles of the decor will vary per store, but you are sure to find something you and your family will love!

If you want to decorate for the winter season, then here are a few of the winter home decor items found on Amazon. You may find similar or exact items in other stores as well.

Thomas Kinkade Crystal Snowman Figurine Featuring Light-Up Village And Animated Train by The Bradford Exchange.
This snowman figurine decoration features a crystal snowman. His mittens and scarf sparkle as he holds a lantern. On his stomach is a small three-dimensional village. This village includes buildings, a pond, villagers, and more! On the base is an actual moving train! As the train moves, you can watch the building in this village light up! It all sites on a nice brown base. This snowman village can be used with the included AC adapter or two “AA” batteries (which are not included). This figurine measures at 10 inches in height.

Frasier Fir Woodwick Candle – 22 oz.
This green Frasier Fir Woodwick Candle will bring a little winter into your home while lighting up the room! It gives off a scent of frasier fir that has been freshly-cut. As it burns, the natural wood wick will actually sound like a crackling fire! This candle can be found in 22 oz. and has a burn time of approximately 100 hours. It measures at 4.5 inches tall.

The Original Florida Melted Snowman Snowglobe.
The Original Florida Melted Snowman Snowglobe will bring a little winter humor to your home! This snowglobe features the snowman’s hat, charcoal, and carrot nose all floating around in water, implying that this snowman has melted! The snowglobe sits on a white base. On the white base is the phrase “Florida Snowman” in colorful letters!

Winter Trip – Wall Decals Stickers Appliques Home Decor.
Decorating your home with winter wall decal stickers can be a lot of fun! You can place them on the wall however you would like. The stickers will not damage your walls and can even stick other smooth surfaces, including doors, glass, and cabinets. They are easy for both children and adults to use. This set of stickers feature adorable animals going on their own winter trip, including the animals, a train, and trees with snow on them. Each stickers has a white edge around the graphic.

Country Snowman Breeze Blockers Home Decor Winter.
This snowman breeze blocker will not only decorate your home for the winter, but it will help to keep it warm as well! All you have to do is place the breeze blocker at the bottom of your door or windowsill. This breeze blocker is decorated with five adorable snowmen of different sizes, each one wearing colorful winter apparel. On the center snowman is the phrase “Let It Snow”. It is has a sand weight on the bottom to help keep it in place. The Country Snowman Breeze Blocker measures at 30 1/2 inches by 11 1/2 inches by 4 inches.

Winter home decor can be used to decorate for parties, holidays, or just for the winter season in general. The decorations are inviting to your loved ones and guests, and they will love looking at the decor you have chosen! You can place the figurines or snowglobes on the shelf, table, or fireplace mantel. Create a fun winter scene with the wall decal. Put the breeze blockers over your windows to keep the house festive and warm. If you or your loved ones are a little down about the winter season, then decorating may help to cheer everyone up a bit. You can even invite your loved ones to decorate with you! Turn your home into a winter wonderland!

Have a great time decorating your home with the winter home decor you choose! Have a nice winter season!


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