Social Network Leads Golden Globes

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What are they?

It is simply a social network that joins a group of people connected with each other and share work, family, religious and political opinions, love for music, art, and so on.

This is a group of people you know in real life: family, friends, acquaintances and so on, but even that has a casual acquaintance and occurred in the same virtual Social Network.


Lates the latest research on search engines, as has been noted, this trend is increasing month after month on the rise.

Only in 2011, then in just 20 days, there was an increase that comes to about 1,830,000 requests.

If we go to see a more detailed analysis in the world, we also realize that this increase varies from country to country, from month to month.


In January 2010, the search volume was higher in Italy than in the U.S. and other countries. 10 volumes against 7.

Already by July 2010 the situation was completely reversed, increased to 66 in September of 2010 with volumes for the United States against Italy I 13.

While in 2011 the situation changed with a “flap” of Senegal, 100 against 47 volumes of the United States and Italy 40.


As mentioned initially, the social networks have emerged as a simple means of communication and sharing groups.

Over time, thanks to the fact that you could know many people around the world, have become a true vehicle to promote your business or any other type of activity.

With only a few small steps, without having to waste time with ads, e-mail, and more, you can advertise and make known their business to millions of people of different language and culture without spending money and time without mirrors.


To realize the infiltration almost oil stain, just look at the data going back about 10 years ago and affecting the respective entries of the most important and visible.

Facebook: a social in general, about 500 million registered members.

Qzone: a social predominantly Chinese, it recorded 200 million

Twitter: a general social and upgrades, registered 150 million users.

Habbo: in the nature of chat room for teenagers aged 13 and older, had 162 million users.

Windows Live Space: Blogging, which had a 120 million members.

My Space: Social Generally, only 100 million subscribers.

Netlog: popular in Europe and in Turkey, just 70 million members.

These are figures which date back about 10 years ago, but over time have increased day by day so overwhelming.


These data clearly understands that the social networks have become part of our homes, our family.

There is no time of day that you log on to them, often almost automatically without realizing it.

He just hopes that our life does not become dependent on them or dramatically influenced by everything you read in them.

Being in fact a free registration, anyone can join, even with false information and publish without any initial complaints.

Do not forget that the first to the expense of young people now, the adults of tomorrow.


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