Health Benefits of Quinoa

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All grains are good for health but quinoa is the only super grain as far as experts are concerned. Quinoa, translated “mother grain” is indeed the mother of all grain as it packs more of a punch than any other grain out there with its many health benefits.

Quinoa is one of the best grain sources of protein, protein that contains all nine amino acids that the body must get from meats experts say. For this reason, quinoa is a choice grain for vegetarians who don’t get meat protein or anyone having trouble getting enough protein. A half-cup of quinoa contains 5 milligrams of protein or 10% of the daily recommended value.

Another health benefit of quinoa is that it may be beneficial for people with gluten intolerance. Gluten intolerance means that persons are not able to eat wheat or grains because they have a hypersensitivity to them. But with quinoa, research suggests that the super grain may be eaten by persons with gluten intolerance without fear of an allergic reaction.

Quinoa also has the health benefit of preventing cancer and heart disease. The high fibre content of quinoa makes it one of the best grains against colon cancer and heart disease. Not only this, but quinoa is also an ideal grain for the heart as it contains a healthy serving of magnesium that helps to protect the heart. A half-cup of cooked quinoa contains 90 milligrams of magnesium or 22 % of the daily recommended value.

Another health benefit of quinoa is that it helps regulate blood pressure and circulation. Along with the magnesium found in quinoa, the nutrient riboflavin also helps to regulate the cardiovascular system. Both magnesium and riboflavin work together to lower blood pressure, ensure the normal clotting of the blood and protect the heart from wear and tear.

If you have anemia or feel fatigued in your body continuously, you may just want to add quinoa to your diet. A half-cup of cooked quinoa contains 4 milligrams of iron, 40% of the daily recommended value for men and 27% of the daily recommended value for women. Compare that with the exact amount of brown rice, which only contains one milligram of iron and you will clearly see how potent a source of iron quinoa is. Consuming quinoa over time, therefore, will help you get rid of anemia and general feeling of fatigue by boosting your red blood cells and energy.

Quinoa is head and shoulders above the rest of the grains. Quinoa is chock full of rich, essential nutrients that we need to maintain a healthy diet and its many health benefits should make you wonder what took you so long to discover the mother of all grains.


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