Vitamin Syrups That Help You Gain Weight Fast

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Vitamin syrups that fight anorexia and promote weight gain are vital to recovering from a severe loss of appetite or a serious medical condition that causes you to lose weight. Vitamin syrups contain essential vitamins and minerals as well as enzymes that stimulate the appetite and put you right back on track after weight loss.

So, if you are underweight, naturally skinny, looking to bulk up, or have an eating disorder such as anorexia or bulimia, you should seriously consider taking a vitamin syrup everyday. Here is a list of the vitamin syrup that best stimulate the appetite and promote weight gain, especially in anorexics:

Tres-Orix Forte

The tres-orix forte vitamin syrup contains a lot of nutrients that help your appetite to recover from the cause of your weight loss. However, unlike the everyday vitamin syrup, the tres-orix forte and the other vitamin syrups on this list helps to stimulate the mind to eat more food.


Apetamin is another vitamin syrup that is marketed to anorexics. However, with its many nutritional and health benefits, apetamin is also a great way for persons who want to gain weight and gain weight fast to achieve this goal. Apetamin has vitamins A, B, C, D and E as well as iron and magnesium, minerals that fight anorexia, stimulate your appetite and help you gain weight.


Hemolif is an iron-based vitamin syrup that can help you gain weight by stimulating that appetite and providing you with the necessary nutrients. Often people who are anorexic, underweight or skinny are lacking in essential vitamins and minerals that would make them gain weight at a normal rate or gain weight at all. As a result, Hemolif is chock full of iron, magnesium, calcium and magnesium that help you sty healthy ad strong and help you gain weight.


Lysovit vitamin syrup helps to stimulate appetite in anorexic, the underweight, skinny or anyone looking to put on a few extra pounds. Lysovit contains lysine and nutrients that keep you healthy, boost the appetite and help you feel more confident about your physical appearance in no time.


Neurozin vitamin syrup is yet another vitamin syrup that fights anorexia and help you gain weight. But anyone who wants to gain weight can use neurozin or any other vitamin syrup on this list to stimulate the appetite and gain weight.

These vitamin syrups that fight anorexia and help you gain weight fast do come with dosage instructions. Never exceed the daily recommended dosage of the dugs in an attempt to speed up your weight gain. Generally, you should consume these vitamin syrups in the recommended dosages three times a day before each meal.


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