The Benefits of Working For a Large Company

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Sometimes it may not be so clear to you as an employee whether you should opt to work for a large company or a small company. There are advantages and disadvantages to both employment situations and I will discuss them in detail within this article.

A large corporation usually offers a lot of career growth opportunities and financial benefits. A large well established company usually has clearly established guidelines to which all employees must adhere. This large corporate environment offers a rather impersonal approach to business. Usually the employee is judged mainly based on performance and not on their ability to befriend their co-workers. A large company usually offers a more professional working environment where everyone is treated with respect and consideration.

The small business usually does not provide very much career growth opportunities and will usually place a very clear limit on the amount of money that you would be able to earn as an employee. If you are considering working for a small business, keep in mind that you most likely will not be eligible for time off or medical benefits. Also, small businesses do not provide much job security because they often go out of business. A small business is much like a small family. If you get along with your family, then you are lucky. However, if you do not like your family, you are in big trouble. Your job depends on befriending your co-workers. Because of the close knit small business environment, you may find that your co-workers may cross the line sometimes and ask you some uncomfortable personal questions.


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