How To Deal With Diabetes Using Herbs

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Diabetes is mostly causing by heredity or your diet. There are some herbs which can help keep your diabetes under control and actually improve it. Here are those herbs and a description of what they can do for you as a person with diabetes.

Burdock root is high in insulin. If that’s what you need, burdock root is where you will find a good natural source of it. Hawthorn gives vascular tone.

Essiac tea can help you fight diabetes in a natural way. Ginkgo Biloba can hep you if diabetes is trying to claim your eyesight. Use ginkgo to keep your eyesight.

Juniper berry is a natural way to control blood sugar and detoxify you. Dandelion root is used to clense the liver and it is also rich in potassium. It’s used as a diuretic.

Bilberry can help to give stability to your blood sugar levels. Fenugreek has been used for many years to help with diabetes.

Bugleweed can help you if you often feel thirsty and hungry. Licorice root can improve your adrenal function.

If you aren’t quite diabetic yet, but you feel some symptoms of it, use Fringetree. Garlic and onion are important to consume when you are diabetic.


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