Herbal Remedies For Depression

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Many people suffer from depression. The prescription medications for depression can make some people feel great, but it can actually worsen other people’s condition. Try a more natural approach to your depression if you don’t want to use those prescription medications that could be bad for you.

Some symptoms of depression include a feeling or hopelessness, a feeling of guilt, over all feeling of deep saddness, lack of energy, huge appetite or no appetite at all. Here are some herbs that can help you get through your depression and feel more happy.

If you often have an upset stomach or anxiety along with your depression symptoms, use lemon balm tea to help get rid of this. Lemon balm tea is great and gives a calming effect on the whole body. It can help relax you when you are feeling bad.

If you are an elderly person with depression, or if you know an elderly person with depression, tell them to use ginkgo biloba. It can increase blood flow to the brain and also improve memory if they need that.

If you have trouble sleeping because of your depression, use kava to help you sleep. Also, if you have anxiety issues, use kava to help calm your nervous system.

St. John’s wort is a very good remedy for depression. It can help you actually feel happy and positive. If you tend to have a bad mood or negative feelings, take St. John’s wort to help get rid of the saddness and bring happiness back.

There are many studies that say taking a B Complex supplement will help you to feel better. The B vitamins are the happy vitamins and they also boost your metabolism. They are more effective when used together, so make sure you use a B50 or B100 complex supplement.

If you are not currently taking a multivitamin, you really should be. There are many vitamins and minerals which can make you feel much better.

Talk to someone about what is going on and why you are sad. If you have no one to talk to, find a counselor or mentor.


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