How To Heal Cuts With Herbs

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Here are some herbal first-aid tips for cuts and scrapes. If your wound is too large and won’t close, you should always go to the emergency room because you probably need stitches. For all other cuts and scrapes, use these herbs to help heal them. The first step is to clean the cut with antibacterial soap and water.

If you want to prevent a bacterial infection of the cut or scrape (which, you do), use bayberry to prevent it. You can make your own bayberry compress to place over the cut or scrape to help with preventing bacterial infections. Use it at least once a day and leave it there for at least five minutes.

If your scrape is oozing some kind of liquid, either blood or other, you can use chamomile to stop it from coming out. This is especially important if your clothes touch the place that is cut or scraped. You don’t want to stain your clothes with blood.

Goldenseal paste can be used to kill bacteria and prevent infection. Like I said, preventing the infection of a cut or scrape is very important because you don’t want bacteria to get in there and start spreading.

St. John’s wort can help relieve any pain associated with the cut or scrape. If your cut or scrape has some inflammation, St. John’s wort also gets rid of that. It’s great for preventing the infection of a cut. Use it in oil form on the cut.

If you scar easily, or if you are just worried about scarring, use gotu kola to prevent it. You can internally take gotu kola so that you can speed up the healing time and prevent any scarring that may occur.

If you want to speed up the healing time of a cut or scrape, also use comfrey. Apply comfrey topically for speedy healing time and relief from any pain you may be feeling.

Calendula can help the skin build back up to it’s normal self again. It promotes the production of collagen naturally. This is good for speedy healing of the skin tissues. Calendula also prevents infection of the cut or scrape.

Aloe gel can help to get rid of pain. Also, if your cut or scrape begins to swell, aloe can bring the swelling back down. Use aloe to prevent infection also.


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