How To Get Relief From Coughing

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We all deal with coughing just about every day. Sometimes there is a sickness that makes us cough more than normal though. Usually it is a cold or flu. If you have trouble with coughing uncontrollably, you will want to find a way to suppress your cough. Here are some natural cough suppressants for you to try.

Echinacea helps to prevent any infection from the illness. It is also an antibacterial and it kills viruses. If this is a bacterial or viral issue causing your cough, echinacea can help to get rid of that.

Lungwort is great if you have a cough along with a stomach virus. Use lungwort as a natural remedy if you have the following symptoms: cough with diarrhea.

Mullein tea is a natural cough suppressant. It will help with the cough, even if you are at the first sign of illness. Use mullein tea to get rid of coughing.

Reishi can help with coughing. Whether your coughing is a result of asthma or just a cold, use reishi to get rid of it.

If you are coughing along with congestion, use wild cherry bark syrup as a powerful expectorant. It can help make your coughs more productive so you get well sooner.

If you are coughing so much that your throat is beginning to hurt or get sore, use slippery elm bark. Slippery elm bark will coat your throat and help protect it while you are coughing.

Peppermint tea can be found in most stores. Use peppermint tea as a natural cough suppressant. It can calm the throat muscles and ease coughing.

Marshmellow root is for dry coughing. If you are dry coughing a lot, you may notice your throat getting sore or damaged. It can make coughing much more painful. Use marshmellow root to help your throat feel better.

Lobelia is also used for the same thing. If your coughign is dry, it can really make you have a sore throat. Use lobelia to help ease the soreness.

If you are also experiencing congestion with your cough, use coltsfoot to get rid of it.


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