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Project Management jobs for felons may be a career to consider. Employment opportunities for felons are hard to find, especially if you want a high-paying job. The only real way to find the best employment for felons is to select the right career path. One of the most promising industries right now is Information Technology.

The IT industry is projected to have rapid growth for the next ten years which means that there are many employment opportunities for felons in this industry. Since many IT companies use project teams and project-based methods, Project Coordinator is a good career choice.

The project coordinator professional’s responsibilities include planning, organizing, monitoring and controlling a project to bring it to its successful completion. Project managers are responsible for the project deadline and budget. Their work normally includes managing a team of people.

Despite the economic slowdown and competition from offshore outsourcing companies, the IT industry is still currently one of the biggest and fastest-growing industries in the US today. Overall employment of IT managers is projected to grow from 18 to 26 percent through the year 2014. This includes project coordinator employment opportunities for felons.

Project coordinator professionals generally have a bachelor’s degree. Entry-level employment opportunities for felons who have graduated with a degree in Project Management include project team member, project scheduler, project coordinator and project resource coordinator. All of these types of employment for felons pay well and are stable jobs.

Apart from having the right bachelor’s degree, project administrator professionals also need to be resourceful and able to handle stress. Since he or she will be managing a team, excellent team development skills are needed along with the ability to resolve conflicts quickly. In addition, a Project Management professional must also have superior problem solving and strategic planning skills.

Of course, it almost goes without saying that a project manager must also be able to understand and utilize the latest software and technology to be effective. IT Project Management, in particular, needs people who are willing to continue learning new ideas and concepts. People who have all of these qualities will be able to get the best project coordinator employment opportunities for felons.

Employment Opportunities for Felons: Project Coordinator Degree Programs

If you want to pursue a career in Project Management, the first step is to choose the right degree course. It is best to check first if the degree program has been approved by the Project Management Institute (PMI), the leading organization for project coordinator professionals.

These days both on-campus and online courses are popular. Core subjects include project administration theory and techniques.

After graduation and at least 3 year of project administrator experience, the PMI offers internationally recognized certifications for Project Management professionals. Certification requires a combination of education, experience and getting passing marks in a comprehensive exam.

Project Management is a good career path for people who have leadership and problem-solving skills. These employment opportunities for felons pay well but both education and experience is needed to get international certification as Project Management professional.


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