The Greatest American Hero: Heaven Is in Your Genes

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The Greatest American Hero: Heaven Is in Your Genes starts out by showing the apparent death of Bill Maxwell, the FBI agent played by Robert Culp.  We even get a bit of a funeral with a misguided attempt at humor with guests attending the wrong service.  I must admit I didn’t think it was funny and it just felt out of place and took me out of the story.

However, what worked early on was Ralph and Pam at Bill’s home, trying to decide what to do with his things.  Pam finds a book or rather a journal that Bill had been keeping about their experiences with the suit given to Ralph by the space aliens.

Things take a turn when Ralph realizes Bill is alive, and from their it’s a race to find Bill while avoiding being locked up as a nut by the police.

The problem with the show is that it shows how far away from its roots that the show had gotten.  From what Stephen J. Cannell stated, he wasn’t happy about it, and neither was the cast.  The classroom scenes are gone and we’re in to comic strip type of stories.

At any rate, there is a funny scene when Ralph gets drunk while taking shots with some guys in a bar.  He’s wearing the suit and no one seems to think that is funny.

It’s about a 6 on the scale of entertaining.


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