The Greatest American Hero: There's Just No Accounting…

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The Greatest American Hero: There’s Just No Accounting… is a second season episode that featured James Whitmore Jr. in an obnoxiously funny role as an Internal Revenue Service man.  He starts out auditing Ralph Hinkley (William Katt) and ends up going after Pam Davidson (Connie Sellecca), Ralph’s girlfriend and attorney.  Actually, he goes after one more person at the end of the hour, but I’ll leave that as a surprise.

Naturally, Whitmore’s character of Byron Bigsby is annoying as all get out.  While that leads to amusement, there is also a really great moment when Ralph has had enough and really tells him off.  It was fantastic.  The bad part is that they really didn’t follow that up appropriately, and they needed to in order to complete the storyline.

The dramatic plot of the show is the kidnapping of a young girl and then the attempted abduction of another child.  Because of the ransom involved, this part of the story ties in with the IRS portion as well.

Emily Moultrie guest starred as Debbie, the young girl who was kidnapped.  She has one moment with Ralph late in the show that I really liked because it was endearing.  It reminded of some of the nice scenes back in season 1 with Ralph’s son.

All in all, a good show.


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