What Is The True Meaning of Saint Patricks Day

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Saint Patrick’s Day is always celebrated on March 17.  There have been many legendary stories written about who St. Patrick really was. In all sense he was a patron saint of Ireland. He died on the date that is being celebrated for his remembrance in the time of 461 A.D. The observance of this date is known nationwide, and is celebrated by holding special events and wearing green or a green shamrock, which is said that he used to present the idea of the Holy Trinity to the Pagans. He brought Christianity to Ireland, it is well known that he encountered Druids, who are members of the priestly in Ireland and Britain and other parts of Europe.

He baptized thousands in the Holy Wells. The wells still bear his name today. There have been many theories on how he died and when he died. His jawbone is said to be preserved in a silver shrine, and is often requested by women duing childbirth. The holiday is also a time for spiritual renewal, the irish close businesses, but they keep the restaurants and pubs open for large celebrations on this day. Though many Irish attend mass, they also consume a great amount of beer on this day as well.

So St. Patrick was a true saint in the fact that he brought christianity to Ireland in trying to spread religion throughout the country. So to celebrate this date in remembrance of him is an honor to do so.


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